About Us

Welcome to our new website. It has been updated and pimped up so that you can see our exciting new developments.

As you can see from our name we bake stuff. But not just any old stuff… We specialize in tantalizing taste bud treats in the form of cupcakes, chocolate brownies, small traditional cakes, flapjacks & merinques.
The magic happens in our bakery here in Bingley. All orders are baked using the freshest local produce possible, hand crafted by our head baker Mrs D. (Yes, it does stand for Delicious, Delightful, Decadent. The cakes are pretty awesome too…. but then we would say that.)

This is a great opportunity to introduce our NEW product “Smiles Across Miles”. This is is an easy way for you  to send a box of  brownies

just to make someone smile. The occasions are endless!!!

Take a look at the menu and order from us. If you live locally we’ll happily deliver to your door / workplace / wedding / birthday party / firework extravaganza…

Until then… be happy!:)

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